Emil at his parents house in West Lafayette, Feb. 10, 2014

  Emil helped Prof. Pizlo to organize a problem solving workshop at Purdue.

Emil with his ACM programming contest team at Purdue

Family Photos

Sofia, 1988

Emil and mom in Sofia, 1988-89

Sofia, 1988-89

Seattle, 1994

Vancouver, 1995 

Flying over Vancouver, 1995

 Just won an award, 2005, West Lafayette
Emil and Roshy, 2005

12/2006, West Lafayette, 2nd year Purdue student
Emil at 20: April 7, 2007, West Lafayette
In New York City, May 2007
Emil becomes US citizen, 11/2007, Fort Wayne

 Looking cool, 12/2007, Fort Myers Beach
Emil and mom, 12/2007, Fort Myers Beach

Emil's passport photo, 12/2007

Emil, dad, mom, grandpa and grandma, May 2008, West Lafayette

Mom and Emil, 12/2008, Fort Myers Beach

 April 2009, at home
Emil graduating from Purdue, 5/2009

In Paris, 06/2010

Palm Coast, FL, 03/2011

In Hawaii, 03/2012
Emil, Grandma and dad, Santa Cruz, CA, May 2013

Back home for the New Year's Eve, January 2014

Emil at RSA Labs